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Problems for Platoon and Company

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by Erwin Rommel
74 Pages, with 66 tactical battlefield illustrations, in an 8˝ x 11 inch format
ISBN: 1-886848-01-7 {Item No.1} Price 20.00
Edited by Bruce A.Hanesalo

[I am sorry, but this book is now Out of Print]

This is the first complete translation of Erwin Rommel’s “Problems for Platoon and Company” into English. Translated by Cyril Koob. Rommel wrote this collection of nineteen tactical exercises for small unit commanders, to help them set up their own unit training. The exercises are excellent examples of German tactical thinking.

Translator’s Forward		
Editor’s Comments	
Original Title Page
Forward to the First Edition
Forward to the Fourth Edition
Original Contents				
Problem 1.  Deployment from the march
Problem 2.  Deployment of a Reserve to the front
Problem 3.  Deployment of the attack	
Problem 4.  Air attack against a march column
Problem 5.  Outpost Duty	 
Problem 6.  Pursuit	
Problem 7.  Security on the march, meeting engagement
Problem 8.  Attack from the ready position 
Problem 9.  Taking an enemy support point	 
Problem 10. Defense
Problem 11. Engagement of a defensive zone
Problem 12. Counterattack			
Problem 13. Withdrawal, defense	
Problem 14. Combat problem with live ammunition
Problem 15. Night raid
Problem 16. Attacking in fog (poor visibility)	
Problem 17. Breaking off action, withdrawal	
Problem 18. Night exercise between two parties
Problem 19. Map exercise with company and platoon leaders	
Appendix A. Military Symbols
Appendix B. Organizational Charts
Appendix C. German Infantry Weapons

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