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Problems for Platoon and Company

by Erwin Rommel

Additional details:
 {short description of image}  This book contains 66 excellent maps illustrating the tactical problems. We have even translated the map details into English.
 {short description of image} Many of the terrain sketches also have maps associated with them. Each one of the tactical problems are divided into the same format.
 {short description of image} 75-mm Light Infantry Gun
(7.5 cm le. I.G. 18)

Caliber: 75mm (2.95 inches)
Length of tube: 5 feet 1.95 inches
Weight in action: 1,124 pounds
Maximum Range (with trails dug in 3 feet to increase maximum elevation): 5,630 yards
Muzzle velocity: 1,165 feet per second
Traverse: Under 60 degrees
Elevation: 22 degrees 30 minutes
Traction: Horse of motor drawn
We have also supplemented the book with appendices containing information on the weapons which were in use by the German Army at the time when the book was written.

This book proceeds Rommels more famous book "Attacks" by about five years. This is book was intended to be a series of tactical exercise examples. Each tactical example was organized in the same format and was designed more to show procedure, or how to go about doing it, than as an example of a the "correct" procedure. The examples show an aggressiveness which is hard to show outside of the German language. When an order is given, the commander knows it will be obeyed, without him having to look over his shoulder to see that it was being aggressively and intelligently obeyed .

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Book Introduction