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US Rocket Launcher 2.36 inch M1A1 and M9

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Part of the Infantry Antiarmor Weapon Series
52 Pages, 40 illustrations, in an 8 x 11 inch format
ISBN: 1-886848-02-5 {Item No.2} Price 15.00
Edited by Bruce A.Hanesalo 

The original WWII American 2.36 Inch Bazooka

World War Two vintage operating, maintenance and training instructions.

1. General	
2. Characteristics and Description of  
   antitank rocket launchers M1A1 and M9
3. Ammunition	
4. Maintenance
5. Operation
6. Marksmanship	
7. Tactical employment
8. General information
9. Destruction of Ordnance Material  
   in event of imminent capture in  
   Combat Zone
A. Firing Ranges
B. 2.36 inch Rockets
C. Rocket Fuzes 
D. M9 Rocket Launcher
E. History	

Illustrations from the book


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[But note our book mainly already contains the best parts the above three manuals]

3. Also Note: We sell large number of photocopies of military manuals and articles on Antiarmor warfare.

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