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US Recoilless Rifle 106mm M40A2

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Part of the Infantry Antiarmor Weapons Series
123 pages, over 100 illustrations, in 8 x 11 inch format
ISBN: 1-886848-09-2 {Item No.9} Price 15.00
Edited by Bruce A.Hanesalo 

The Vietnam War vintage Heavy antitank weapon

Operating and training instructions for the U.S.Army Vietnam Vintage Heavy Antiarmor Weapon.

I.   Introduction	
II.  Mechanical Training
III. Mechanical Training, Caliber .50 Spotting 
     Gun MSC
IV.  Repair Parts and Equipment, Ammunition, 
     and Maintenance
V.   Technique of Fire 
VI.  Preparatory Marksmanship
VII. Marksmanship	
VIII.Advice to Instructors
A.   References
B.   Text reference and training aids

Some illustrations from the book


1. We also sell photocopies of other military manuals and articles on the subject:

FM 23-82 106-mm Recoilless Rifle M40A2 (30 July 1973)(+Change 1); 119 pages, 87 illus. Price 12.00 {Item No.4827}
FM 23-82 106-mm Rifle M40A1 (June 1958); 235 pages, 78 illus. Price 23.00 {Item No.4121}
TM 9-1015-221-20 Rifle, Recoilless, 106-mm: M40A2 and M40A4 (Organizational Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools List)(May 1986); 29 pages, 13 illus. Price 3.00 {Item No.2299}
TM 9-1015-221-34 Field Maintenance 106-mm Rifles M40A1 and M40A1C; 106-mm Rifle Mounts T173 and M79; and Tripod T26 (March 1959); 115 pages, 50 illus. Price 12.00 {Item No.2561}
TM 9-1015-221-35P Direct Support, General Support, and Depot Maintenance Repair Parts and Special Tools List for Rifle, Recoilless, 106-mm: M40A2 and M40A2 (14 July 1969); 77 pages, 33 illus. Price 8.00 {Item No.2815}
U.S.Army Infantry School, Ft.Benning, Georgia. Recoilless Weapons and Missile Handbook (June 1973); 38 pages, 29 illus.  Price 6.00 {Item No.413}
Wier, Captain William B.,"Power Plus," Infantry School Quarterly, Vol.45, No.3 (July 1955); 4 pages, 1 illus. Price .50 {Item No.10725} [106-mm Recoilless rifle] [Introduction, Development of the recoilless rifle, Wanted: A better anti-tank weapon, Mobility, Is the 106mm the ultimate in anti-tank protection?]
Broady, Lt.William."Dual Mission,"Infantry School Quarterly, Vol.46, No.1 (January 1956); 3 pages Price .50 {Item No.10755} [The 106mm Recoilless Rifle both as an antitank weapon and in general support]

[Note our book is basically a bound reprint of FM 23-82 106mm Recoilless Rifle, M40A2 (30 July 1973)(+Change 1){Item No.4827 above}]
2. And we sell a Research Packet on the 106 mm Recoilless Rifle containing most the above manuals and articles:

No.96 US Recoilless Rifle 106 mm; 5 References, 575 pages, 261 illus. (8/9/02) Price 64.00 {Item No.8096-1}
3. Also Note: We sell large number of photocopies of military manuals and articles on Antiarmor warfare.
Full list of Recoilless Rifle manuals photocopies available

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