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Bunker Design

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230 Pages, in a 8 x 11 inch format, with hundreds of illustrations.
ISBN: 1-886848-10-6 {Item No.10} Price 30.00
Edited by Bruce A.Hanesalo

An Example of a Cut and Cover Bunker

We now have available our new compilation of Bunker Design instructions, consisting of ten selections extracted from U.S.Army fortification manuals which were originally printed between 1917 and 1972. This book both documents the evolution of U.S.Army battlefield bunkers design and is also a very detailed technical manual on how to design and build bunkers. Covering both fighting bunkers, and shelter bunkers, it is primarily concerned with surface cut-and-cover type bunkers. This book details every aspect of bunker construction including standard building materials, bills of material, underground water problems and even gas proofing.

1. World War One Battlefield Shelters
2. World War One Engineer Notes	
3. Bunker Design (1927)(Source One) 
4. Bunker Design (1927)(Source Two)
5. Bunker Design (1932)
6. Bunker Design (1940)
7. Bunker Design (1949)
8. Bunker Design (1965)
9. Bunker Design (1968)
10.Bunker Design (1972)

Some illustrations from the book

1. This book is a companion book to: Artificial Cave Shelters (which is concerned with tunneled bunker design) and Bunker Design Collection (which is a collection of historical bunker design examples). We just couldn't put it all in one volume.
2. The above book is also mainly concerned with protection against conventional weapons. But if you are more interested in protection from Fallout see our book Fallout Shelter Design Collection and it's more detailed companion book Advanced Protective Shelter Design.
3. We also sell a large number of photocopies of manuals and articles on: Fortification, Nuclear Warfare Defense, Civil Defense and Trench Warfare.

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