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Soviet Rocket Launcher RPG-18

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Part of the Infantry Antiarmor Weapon Series
47 pages, 29 illustrations, in an 8 x 11 inch format
ISBN: 1-886848-11-4 {Item No.11} Price 15.00
Edited by Bruce A.Hanesalo

The RPG-18 Soviet Grenade Launcher

A translated East German manual, with complete operating and training instructions.

A 050/1/447 Rocket Propelled Grenade RPG-18			 
 Inspection and Direction Table.
A.  Description
1.  Regulation and Technical Data		 
2.  Construction		 
2.1.Launching Tube	
3.  Action	
4.  Packaging
B.  Use
1.  Safety Statements
2.  Shooting
2.1.Take in the fire position	
2.2.Combat field observation
2.3.Fire direction
2.4.Cease fire
3.  About empty launching tubes, misfires and duds

Some illustrations from the manual

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