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Tunnel Warfare Vol.1 A Treatise on Mines

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by I.Landmann
102 Pages, condensed from the original 240 pages, in 8Ĺ x 11 inch format, plus 16 Plates with over a hundred illustrations, bibliography and index
ISBN: 1-886848-12-2 {Item No.12s} Price 20.00
Edited by Bruce A.Hanesalo

This book is a reprinting of a 1802 classic on Military Mining by I. Landmann, F.A.S., the first manual published in the English Language on this subject. A state of the art manual of its time, it contains the knowledge of hundreds of years of siege tunnel operations.

ORIGIN of mines
Description of the tools and instruments required 
  in the construction of mines	
Tracing and construction of defensive mines	
Construction of shafts and galleries of timber-work		
Construction of galleries, when of masonry		 
Construction of shafts and galleries, in a ground 
  consisting of loose sand or gravel	
Construction of shafts for fougasses, placed 
  before the saliant angle of a work, or along 
  such parts of an intrenchment as have no 
  flank defence		
Method of proceeding in the construction of ascend- 
  ing and descending galleries and branches	
Construction of mines when a place is threatened 
  to be besieged		
Method of proceeding with the excavation of a 
 gallery, when its continuation is intercepted 
  by a rock		
Additions to be made to the galleries of 
  defensive mines		
Directions to be given to the branches relative 
  to the situation of the chambers	
Effect of gunpowder placed under ground		
Figure of the funnel		
Table for the charges of mines		
Globe of compression by Belidor	
Globe of compression by Major Le Febvre
Belidorís experiment, to convert galleries of 
  defensive mines into trenches		
In a homogeneous ground equal charges will pro- 
  duce equal spheres of activity, though their 
  lines of least resistance are not the same	
General Marescotís experiment upon a vacant 
  space left round the powder, placed in the 
  chamber of a mine		
Upon fougasses and camouflets		
Loading of a mine		
Fire communicated to a mine		
To fire several chambers at the same time	
Of the disposition of chambers amongst 
  each other		
Problem, to determine the solid formed by the 
  penetration of two equal right cones, of which 
  the axes are parallel, and their heights equal to 
  the diameter of their bases		
Solutions of some questions relative to mines	
De Valiereís system of three stages of mines	
Belidorís method of destroying the crowning 
  of the covert-way and of blowing up the 
  besiegerís batteries erected upon the glacis		
Method of making breaches by the means 
  of mines	
General rules to be observed in the construction 
  of a system of defensive mines	
Mouze's system of defensive mines		
Attack by the means of mines		
Method of crowning the funnel of a mine	
Attack and defence of Schweidnitz in 1762 
  relative to the subterraneous war only	
Destruction of bridges		
Destruction of Fort Bourbon: Island of Martinique		
Method of blowing up a lunette		
Destruction of Towers		
Defence of a detached lunette		
Destruction of the flood-gates at Flushing	 
Description of a machine for ventilating mines
Of blasting rock
Experiment for blowing the Royal-George to 
  pieces sunk at Spithead		
Method for breaking chains, or booms, when laid 
  across rivers, to prevent the passage of vessels	
Experiment on firing mines	
1.  Minerís Tools.
2.  [More Minerís Tools]
3.  Plan of a system of defensive mines. 
4.  [Galley Profiles and Surveying]	
5.  [Shaft Casing]	
6.  [Shafting Techniques]	
7.  [Firing Charges]	
8.  [Defensive Mining]	
9.  [Crater Geometry]
10. [Glacis Craters]	
11. Mouzťís system of defensive mines.	
12. [Mouze system details]	
13. Plan of fort St. Philip.	
14. [Demolition of a Bastion]	 
15. Plan of the Mines for destroying the flood 
     gates of the basin at Flushing in 1809.
16. Plan of the ventilator.	

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