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Fallout Shelter Design Collection. Book Supplement

Shelter Living Supplement

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Book Supplement Cover

7 References, 317 pages, 133 illustrations. {Item No.32 SLS} Price $30.00
Edited by Bruce A.Hanesalo

A collection of photocopied documents supplementing our Fallout Shelter Design Collection with information on living in fallout shelters. Including information on stocking a shelter, emergency medical instructions, and radiation monitoring basics.


1.  Office fo Civil and Defense Mobilization. Personal Prepardness in the Nuclear Age (December 1959) (Student Interim Manual); 108 pages, 19 illus.

2.  Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization. MP-2-1. Home Protection Exercises (November 1959); 31 pages, 24 illus. [A Family Action Program]

3.  Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense. Family Guide. Emergency Health Care (1962); 60 pages, 27 illus.

4.  Office of Civil Defense Mobilization. H-11-1 Emergency Sanitation at Home. A Family Handbook (Revised to August 1958); 22 pages, 8 pages of illus.

5.  Department of Defense. Defense Civil Prepardness Agency. SM 14-1  Emergency Rescue Training (January 1974)(Pocket Edition); 48 pages, 40 illus.

6.  Department of Defense. Office of Civil Defense. FG-E-5.9  Handbook for Radiological Monitors (April 1963); 41 pages, 8 illus.

7.  Department of Defense. Office of Civil Defense. Instructions for Filling. The Civil Defense Water Storage Container (1962); 7 pages, 7 illus.

 1. We also have two other book supplements along with this supplement: Shelter Design Supplement and Basic Fallout Shelter Survey, as well as the basic  book: Fallout Shelter Design Collection. Shelter Design Supplement contains 17 additional shelter designs. Basic Fallout Shelter Survey has detailed instructions on evaluating urban and rural struction for radiation shielding.
 2.Our book supplements are patterned after our Research Packets. That is they come as unbound photocopies. Details
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