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Light Infantry Battalion

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122 pages, illus. in 8 x 11 inch format
ISBN: 1-886848-37-8 {Item No.37} Price 20.00
Edited by Bruce A.Hanesalo

This is a reprint of U.S. Army's manual FM 7-72 Light Infantry Battalion (March 1987).

CHAPTER 1. Introduction 
I.  Airland Battle
II. Organization
CHAPTER 2. Command and Control 
I.  System
II. Philosophy
IV. Process
V.  Facilities
CHAPTER 3. Offense 
I.  General Offensive Operations
II. Forms of Maneuver
III.Types of Offensive Operations
IV. Techniques
V.  Special Purpose Operations
CHAPTER 4. Defense 
I.  General Defensive Operations
II. Specific Defensive Operations
III.Retrograde Operations
IV. Preparing the Defense
V.  Defensive Techniques
VI. Special Operations
CHAPTER 5. Combat Support 
I.  Relationships 
II. Nonorganic Assets
CHAPTER 6. Combat Service Support
APPENDIX A. Principles of War
APPENDIX B. Heavy and Light Integration
APPENDIX C. Tactical Foot Movements
APPENDIX D. Sample Formats for Orders
APPENDIX E. Fire Support
APPENDIX F. Nuclear, Biological, Chemical

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