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Antiarmor Short Range Combat

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200 Pages, 50+ illustrations, in an 8 x 11 inch format
ISBN: 1-886848-41-6 {Item No.41} Price 25.00
Edited by Bruce A.Hanesalo

A source book on fighing tanks from 10 to 300 meters away.

This book is the reprinting of articles and extracts from manuals on subject of antiarmor short range combat. It focuses on the technique of using Light Antiarmor weapons, from the Bazooka to the AT-4, effectively against tanks and other armored vehicles. Including German WWII techniques.

1. U.S.Army Short Range Combat (1944)(The Bazooka)
2. German WWII Short Range Combat
3. U.S.Army Short Range Combat (1966)
4. U.S.Army Short Range Combat (1972)
5. U.S.Army Short Range Combat (1975)
6. U.S.Army Short Range Combat (1976)
7. U.S.Army Light Antitank Weapon (LAW)	
8. U.S.Army Short Range Combat (1980)
9. U.S.Marine Corps Short Range Combat (1983)
10.U.S.Army Short Range Combat (1994)

Note:  This book is a companion to: Antiarmor Close Combat (combat against armored vehicles out to 10 meters away).
Also: We publish books on Light Antiarmor Weapons like the World War II 2.36 inch Bazooka and the Korean War 3.5 inch Super Bazooka.
Also Note: We sell large number of photocopies of military manuals and articles on Antiarmor warfare.

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