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Sales outside of the United States

Military/Info Publishing has decided to start shipping outside of the United States again


What we are doing
Why we are doing this
Basic rules
If a customer breaks our rules

What we are doing:

Military/Info is now shipping orders outside of the United States to a limited extent, based on our understanding of the trade regulations.

Why we are doing this:

For a number of reasons.

1. Military/Info publishing feels that it can start to ship overseas again, under careful restrictions, without being harmful to the national interest of the United States.

2. We have waited for the export regulations to stabilize. It has been over four years since 911. We have been waiting for the confusion of the immediate situation to pass and for the export rules to adjust. We feel that the rules have been adjusted. It also appears that the current regulations will be with us for the foreseeable future. So we feel that it is not necessary to wait any longer to return to foreign sales.

3. Military/Info has carefully studied the regulations concerned and has attempted to carefully craft a set of rules to conform to those regulations.We are not planning to sell anything to anyone who we think will be harmful to the United States even if it is technically legal to sell it outside of the United States. We are simply trying to do the right thing.

4. The generally harmless nature of much of what we sell. Most meet the technical definition of being "Public Domain" under current export rules and we are only going to ship items which meet that definition. None are classified. Many of our documents are only of historic value. Some of which are over 200 years old. Many of the documents we sell have been available to the American public for over 50 years. Simply put a manual for a 1900 A.D.vintage 12 inch coast artillery mortar or World War One vintage radio is not going to be harmful to United States National Defense.

5. It is not right to deny people in countries that have been our allies for over 50 years, items which common sense would deem harmless. It is not helping Unites States interests overseas by angering many people who have been our friends and allies for many years by refusing to sell them items which common sense would deem harmless.

Basic Rules:

1. At this time we are only receiving orders from or shipping to 18 countries outside of the United States. The countries are CANADA, GREAT BRITAIN (except Northern Ireland), FRANCE, ITALY, GERMANY, THE NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM, NORWAY, DENMARK, LUXEMBURG, ICELAND, GREECE, SPAIN, PORTUGAL, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, and SWEDEN. We will also accept orders from NEW ZEALAND on a case by case basis.

2. We will also ship outside of the United States to United States Military personnel in military units at Military addresses (like APO's and NPO's).

3. We reserve the right not to send any item. This will be done on a case by case, item by item basis, because of the complex nature of the export regulations.

4. In general, do not even ask Military/Info to ship overseas anything dealing with Chemical Warfare, Explosives, Demolitions or Landmine Warfare for obvious reasons.

5. Military/Info will only deal with Corporations based in the above 18 listed countries. Those Corporations should have the United States incorporated part of their Corporation order from Military/Info.

Note: Often military manuals dated before 1949 are alright to ship overseas. Also periodical, articles and extracts are often alright to ship.


If a customer breaks our rules:

We wish to stay in business and have a lot of rules to obey so we error on the side of caution. Any order which we suspect is trying to make us break the rules will not be replied to. Anyone who wishes to persist in such activity will have their requests sent to the U.S.State Department Trade Controls Office for it's compliance officers to deal with.

If we receive an order from a country not on our list, we will not ship the order, and will not send back the money.

If a customer sends us an order which asks for items which we will not ship overseas, we will not ship those items and give them credit instead, which they can apply to a future order. We will not refund the money, the transactions involved simply cost us too much.

Some of the rules we have to obey are two different copyright conventions, ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), U.S.Postal regulations and U.S.customs regulations. We at Military/Info Publishing do our best to obey them.


We will be refining our rules as we go along. If you have professional knowledge of the ITAR's and are feeling that we are making an error please inform us. By professional knowledge we mean you are a postal inspector, State Department compliance officer, customs inspector or a legal firm dealing in trade regulations. Note that claiming that you are federal officer when you are not one is a federal crime.

Sorry about making the ordering process this complex, but these are not simple times.

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