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Also see: Infantry, Intelligence and Ranger Operations.
1. At the bottom of each subject webpage there is also a link to separate articles and extracts which we sell on Ranger Operations, Patrolling, and Infantry.
2. There are also a number of articles on World War Two patrolling methods of the various armies, mixed into their respective infantry article sections: German - Infantry, Japanese - Infantry, RussianBritish.
3. For a person wanting to look deeper, there are also certain amount of information concerned with patrolling which can be found in other manuals and articles: Cavalry (Mounted), Cold Weather Operations, Desert Operations, Guerrilla Warfare, Jungle Operations, Mountain Operations, Night Operations, Special Forces, Trench Warfare, Urban Operations and War Dogs.
1. We have a copy of the original "Roger's Rangers Rules or Plan of Discipline" in our Freebie section.  

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