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Credit Cards

Personal Orders

Military/Info Publishing does not take credit card orders, but does accept payment with checks or money orders. So please do not send us your credit card numbers.

Other Booksellers

The large store chains (like Borders and Barnes & Noble and Borders) have ordered from us over the years (1994-2001). But currently they have not been selling our books. Contrary to what their clerks say our books are all in print.

Some bookstores have been willing to special order books from us in the past. The Books a Million book chain is an example. If doesn't seem to be possible to order our books from But you can sometimes find a small independent bookseller who is willing to accept a credit card payment and special order our books for you. Occasionally some small bookstores are willing to order our photocopied items.

Government Credit Card Orders

You can order directly from Military/Info Publishing, by check or money order. If you do find a book vendor who is willing to handle our products, please tell us, we would be glad to send our business in there direction.


We accept direct orders, but not with credit cards. But some library book services have special ordered books from us before.

Military/Info Home Page How to Order Page